Thesis Statement On Gun Violence

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Thesis 1: Charlton Heston is directly responsible for the large amount of gun ownership in America and is thus responsible for the large amount of gun related violence in America. If he stopped his rallying then gun violence would drop. Response: I disagree with this statement because Charlton Heston only promotes legal ownership of guns, and he does not support any form of violence and only encourages guns be used for self defence. Thesis 2: Musical artist like Marilyn Manson are used as a scapegoat by the people, who blame him for everything from suicides to rebellion, but this simple distracts the public from the real cause of these issues. Response: I agree with this statement because it 's too easy for people to blame a celebrity for all of society 's problems. What we should really be doing is looking at how to solve the problems and not who should be to blame. Thesis 3: People who consider themselves second amendment supporters are simple refusing to accept that the laws have to change as society changes. That law was written for a different time and must be changed as the world changes. Response: I disagree with this statement because the second amendment was written very explicitly that it shall never be infringed, and that every american has the right to own a firearm. Thesis 4: America has always been the aggressor and is responsible for every war we take part in. America should stop worrying about other countries business and work on fixing its own problems

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