Essay On Yima Territorial Prison

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The Yuma territorial prison is located in Yuma Arizona.The reason why it’s there is actually smart. They put the prison there because if a criminal ever tried to escape it would be almost impossible. The area surrounding the Yuma Territorial prison would make it hard for the criminals to escape, Gila River is in the East, Colorado RIver in the North, the small town of Yuma in the West and a Desert to the South making every way a runaway criminal would go very hard. Reasons on why the prison is significant to yuma and the southeast region is retribution, incapacitation and depriving criminals who deserve no freedom.
One of the main reasons why the yuma territorial prison is significant to yuma and their location is because of all the bad people …show more content…

This man did not deserve freedom because even after going to prison for forgery and finished his time he left prison stealing money from the prison. Stewart was a man sentenced to yuma territorial prison but because he was insane they sent him to an asylum where he spent some time. After he was cleared they sent him back to the prison to finish the remainder of his time and was actually threatening to take his own life but later it was found out that he dug a hole and escaped from the yuma territorial prison. Even though the placement of the prison was clever it doesn’t stop everyone. Something else that made the Yuma Territorial Prison significant and much needed was, yuma was a very small town and with a small town they’re were more criminals than innocent people. If there was no yuma territorial prison not all the bad men would be put away. I say this because if they hadn’t built that prison then there would be no prison around the area and although some of the men were really bad such as murderers they wouldn’t go out of their way to send one to a close prison. Since they had a prison nearby they took advantage and used it wisely, it wasn’t that big so they couldn’t arrest any guy that looked suspicious or was part of something

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