Why It Is Good To Be Honest Essay

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Why it is Good, To Be Honest
Honesty means being honest and truthful to anyone in all aspects.“There are few qualities that define the morality of a human being and honesty is one of them. If one cannot trust what one is saying it is difficult to have a stable relationship with them.” This is a quote from none other than Sharon Kazi and it is one well spoken. Also when I interviewed my father Tareque Kazi, he said: “Honesty is one of the foundations of a good person and it is easier to be honest than to be dishonest.” To be honest is to be fair and righteous when acting and not to lie, not to cheat or steal. It is the act of doing good by considering what is good in any situation without anyone’s force and is a trait that somebody should have it. When it comes to honesty there is no gray area, it is just black and white.Trust is based mainly on honesty. It is the way to talk about the truth and win somebody’s trust. To lie is a wrong way to cheat people like your friends or family.
People strive to be honest but we cannot be truthful all the time. I myself have lied on many occasions and most times it was for my own benefit. When I look back on when I lied I just don’t know why I did that and most of the time I got caught. It is good to be honest because if you lie to someone and they catch you then you betray their trust and when you are really in trouble they will probably not. Also when you lie to someone about something that you did, then when they …show more content…

People should realize the value of honesty, something which I have not realized until now and after all the research I have done for this essay I ask myself this question: what is honesty to me? Honesty is something everybody has experience with it whether it be good or bad. Everybody has also lied at some point in

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