Like The Sun Short Story Analysis

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Telling the truth isn 't always easy, but sometimes you just have to do it. Every kid grows up thinking Honesty is the best policy, but is it really? As you grow older, it seems that one loses that mindset. It 's not entirely bad or good. There is one thing that everyone must learn to do, that 's knowing when to tell the truth and when not to tell the truth. In the stories “Like the Sun” by R.K. Narayan and “The Censors” by Luisa Valenzuela, they both portray honesty in a very Straightforward way. While “Like the Sun” presents honesty and deception by having the character state that he will be honest, “The Censors” explore the ideas by making you think and expect honesty to somehow appear in the story, but you must really understand. In the short story “ Like the Sun”, honesty comes around very quickly and constantly. The main character Sekhar, a teacher, tells us that one day out of the year. He says nothing but the truth all day. Sehkar holds nothing back and just speaks the honest truth. In the story Sehkar states, “... at least one day in the year we must give …show more content…

One could say that no two stories are alike. In this case that 's true. In “ Like the Sun “ it 's almost as if the whole story revolves around honesty. But in “The Censors” it 's more about deception and doing something for your own benefit. A similarity can be that they both have great morals and reasoning behind them. Many people would say that “Like the Sun” is about telling the truth is good but also can have consequences. People may say that say that “The Censors” is about striving and truthful living your life. Which both are very great life lessons and morals for anyone. Most would agree that both these short stories are very different, but have great morals behind them. But as the stories they are very different. “Like the Sun” focuses more on the truth than deception and “The Censors” focus more on deception and not a lot of honesty. Over all they are different books but still very

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