Eurocentric Theory

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1. According to the article, minority clients can often be misdiagnosed because the clinician lacks an understanding of the client 's culture. The article points out that many of our counseling practices are "Eurocentric" and therefore problematic for minority clients. What does this mean and how might it effect Neesha during her own counseling experience?

Throughout the world, we can see that many individuals have biased opinions towards the minority. While having minority as your clients, many clinicians use Eurocentric therapy. This technique usually has a negative affect on many individual 's who fall under the category of minority. According to the article, "Using a Eurocentric method could often cause a fundamental problem: …show more content…

2. The article states that there are certain risk factors (or correlates) that can increase the chance of disruptive child behavior problems. For all children (not just minority children), the following factors increase the risk -a) Low socio-economic status b)Parental stress and c) Family constellation. For minority children, these risk factors are even more pronounced. Consider Neesha 's case and explain how these risk factors manifest in her …show more content…

Throughout the article, there were many aspects that discussed the stress levels between African-American parents and Caucasian parents. Many African-american individual face a lot more stress than Caucasians, so their children usually have disruptive behavioral problems. As we look into how they practice parenting skills, many African-American parents are usually less supportive, more likely to use power-assertive techniques, use commands, and does not usually give praise for good work. However, many who do not fall under minority usually use physical punishment to discipline their children, but minority usually does not. Also, African American seeks the help from family members and others to help provide care to their children. Unlike Caucasian parents, African American homes can most often be ran by single mothers who are considered under low income. So, therefore, there are many different parenting styles between both Caucasian parents and African American parents.

4. In what situation might an authoritarian parenting style be most beneficial and why?

There are many situations that using authoritarian parenting style could benefit many children who are minority. Using this strict and high strung parenting style could help these children succeed in life. Without being strict on them, they may end up hanging out around a bad crowd of people. Also, not being strict as a minority parent could lead them to not reaching for their dreams. So, therefore, the authoritarian

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