Single African American Mothers

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Effects of single African American mothers on their children is very critical in terms of how it is correlated. Having low financial status these children are raised with behaviors that are from an upbringing of social interaction around them. Because of that factor, many children tend to go through behavioral issues that impact the family structure, this later results in cases of psychological issues. In the society we live in today it is common for people to get married and build a relationship with one another. Most of the time to have a successful relationship one has to understand the value of family and culture. This tradition is passed down from generations to generations. However, in the past couple of years marriages and traditions…show more content…
Housing is another issue African American mothers have to deal with especially having a low income. It is hard for single African American mother to afford and provide 3 meals for her children. It wouldn’t be a smart decision to stay in a place where she can’t afford the rent. Studies show that low-income neighbors set such an impact with the child’s mind set he or she will adapt behaviors from that community. Children learn what they see and if they witness crime, violence and drugs they tend to walk on that path. At this point it is difficult for African American mothers to keep control of their children and their upbringing. Once the mother looses all her control the child will then soon have these ideas that are later harder to change and soon fall in this cycle that most African American mothers try to avoid. Most of the reasoning these behaviors come around is that being a single African American mother is hard enough especially since these mothers started off as teens. Teens mothers are not matured enough to nurture her child and to the mothers who were old enough to bare children, this was something normal for her since she as well was raised in setting of low income. Something that is comfortable and normal to her with her children being raised in low-income household. Another issues that African American mothers have to face are their children’s…show more content…
M., Jones, D.J., Kincaid, C Y., Cuellar, J., & Parent, J.M. 2012) Single mother is unable to provide her children with a strong family foundation or family values; this indirectly causes psychological effect on both the mothers and children. Statistics show that Office of National Statistics shows that children raised by single parents is high chances of suffering from mental health conditions as they would if they were staying with married parents (Adkison-Johnson, C 2015). In most cases, Single black mothers tend to isolate themselves from the world that in results effects the children and they do the same. The negative influence from being isolated for the children effects in their growing stage, which makes him/her, reserved personality (Gonzalez, M., Jones D., & Parent, J 2014.) Most of the time children gravitate towards certain risky behaviors is because they are lacking attention and supervision from parent. This affects them the most because they are getting the right guidance the child needs in order to cope with his/her
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