Euthanasia Is Wrong Essay

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Death is inevitable. We all know that we will die someday. In situation where we know that we won’t live long, should we hasten our death? Shouldn’t everyone have the right to live their life to the fullest? And yet, there are countries like Belgium and Netherlands who accept this issue. Is this right? Is this ethical? Or are we persuading others to disobey what God had told us about valuing life? In order for us, to truly be called Christians who value and protect life, we should not accept Euthanasia in our country.

Euthanasia does not give a terminally ill individual a way to die peacefully. Doctors don’t consider the fact that a terminally ill patient has the chance to recover. A doctor named Mark Atienza once said that Euthanasia rejects …show more content…

An article focused on Euthanasia (Perez, 2008) states that as believers of God, we should not accept Euthanasia because it is immoral and unethical. It is not right to accept Euthanasia since we are Christians and according to what God said, we should promote life. According to the leader of the Church, Euthanasia should be prevented at all cost. Even though Euthanasia has advantages, we should think first that who gave us the life we had? An article that focuses on Right to Life (Bautista, 2012) states that we do not own our life, it is God’s gift for us. And yet, we will accept Euthanasia knowing that God gave us life. Death is God’s plan. We shouldn’t interfere it rather to trust in Him. All the pain and suffering we feel simply means that we’re ready to be with Him once we endure all of it. Are you really that kind of person who doesn’t care about what will happen after death? If not, then reject …show more content…

One main argument is that Euthanasia can lead to other issues to be accepted. When you think of it, Euthanasia is not the only issue we must be giving attention of, they’re still others issues like Death Penalty, Divorce, etc. Think about it, when we accept Euthanasia, then these issues will be accepted also because an argument will rise that will question the people that if Euthanasia has been accepted then why not Death penalty? Then this question will lead to the acceptance of the other Issues. Also, the public conscience of the people will change. There is a great chance that people will overlook this issue and instead we’ll treat it like any other issue that has no effect at them. At first, they may not feel it but we don’t know that it has a large effect in the world. An article about Legalizing Euthanasia (Rox, 2010) states that Euthanasia is small at first but when the people knew what it would bring, it will be disastrous. It only tells us that Euthanasia is becoming worse by time passes by and for us to be able to stop it, we should reject the acceptance of Euthanasia in the

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