Everybody Ought To Have A Maid Analysis

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The scene “Everybody Ought to Have a Maid” depicts reasoning as to why people should have a maid, and the importance of which they serve. There are many long shots throughout the scene including when they are outside of the house in the door way at the beginning of the song. Static composition is also very key in this role because the two main character prominently remain in the middle of the shot practically the whole time. There also a couple of close up shots of each of the characters when they are in the doorway of the house. The mise-en-scene throughout this scene is supposed to be ancient Rome by the columns and the older interior of the building. The costumes are also very old being that they wearing robes of very rich colors and sandals. …show more content…

The actors appear very silly and to have fun with song. They act very positive and dance care free around the house because they talking about the very exciting topic of having a made. Hey act very enthusiastic to the plus side of having maids. The dialogue in this scene is somewhat modern and appropriate for the time in which the scene is supposed to be in. They say older terms such as “puttering around the house” and they much forgotten things now such as “a working girl.” The language is appropriate for this time, however, because they are always talking about having a made and refer to her as other things besides the common word maid. The lighting in this scene is three-point lighting most of the time because they are mostly outside and the building they are in has a lot of windows to let light in since there would not be any electricity in that time. None of the lighting is supposed to be seen as unnatural because it would not be a thing at that moment in time. The scene is light throughout the entirety of this scene because it is a very happy and positive scene so it is always bright throughout the scene. Therefore, the light in the scene never dims or becomes dark because that would cause a damper on the mood because they are trying to keep it as upbeat as

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