Example Of Rhetorical Analysis

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Many folks of the Hispanic race were appalled on several misunderstood speeches I have made. My intentions were not to target anyone in specific knowing the more people on my side the better outcome in the Presidential election. There have been articles about me that I have manipulated bankruptcy laws to enrich myself, also racial comments made. In other hand people have made accusations that I am untrustworthy. I need to apologize for the mistakes said or done as well for the miscommunication I gave to the citizens of the United States. We the people are formed to make a stronger union, not fight against one another. To start off I’d like to address the racial comments I made toward the Latino crowd. That was immature of me and I want to apologize for the hurtful words I have said. The only difference there is between myself and the other candidates is that I view immigration differently. People are not only crossing the border from Mexico, they are also coming from South America and all around the world. I just want the United States to be prepared and safe because we do not know what their intentions are when …show more content…

I’ve made rude comments taken out of content that I did not mean. I am just overwhelmed how intelligent and competitive she is. Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina also felt insulted by some misunderstood comments I’ve made. Those tweets I’ve posted on twitter about them were just for humor, not to be taken seriously. With all the stress this election has given me, I though laughing it up with my components would have made things less tense. Perhaps, I was the only one who found them funny, but my jokes were not to offend anybody. Ms. Fiorina and Ms. Clinton ae two beautiful women and tough competition. Besides these two lovely Candidates, I want to apologize to every other person that has felt insulted by some of the comments I have

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