Examples Of A Thesis Statement For The Crucible

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The Crucible The Crucible was about a group of girls who threw a fire in the woods and danced around it to conjure spirits but it was illegal so when they got caught they accused many, many people of witchery to save themselves from getting accused of anything. There lies eventually ended up killing many innocent people to benefit themselves. The main girl in the group was Abigail Williams. She was the servant for John and Elizabeth Proctor however she was intimate with John Proctor and so she was fired by Elizabeth. So abigail accused Elizabeth to be a witch so she would be hanged. My thesis statement is that during the salem witch trials people were accused of witchery based on personality, looks, race, and if they liked each other or not but not based on actual crime. The first and main reason why my thesis is true is the character Abigail Williams. This character was …show more content…

Reverend Parris was the uncle of Abigail Williams and all he wanted was to have a good reputation in the community. At the start of the Crucible the girls were dancing around a fire in the woods in the middle of the night which was perceived as conjuring spirits during the salem witch trials times. Reverend Parris was in the woods and saw the ceremony going on and when the girls got caught they scattered around. Normally that would be reported immediately and the punishment to the girls would be getting whipped. To keep his reputation reverend Parris kept it to himself until the very end of the movie when he reluctantly told governor Danforth because reverend Hale and John Proctor brought it up. Throughout the Crucible I think Parris knew all along that Abigail and the others weren’t being honest and made up the whole witchery idea to save themselves but he said nothing to remain his good reputation in salem because if his niece Abigail was proven to be lying than people would think less of

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