Examples Of Archetypes In The Hunger Games

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When watching the movie, The Hunger Games a viewer can see that it symbolizes our current culture today, is a hero myth and has a shadow character archetype. The Hunger Games is about a Capitol called Panem that chooses a total of 12 males and 12 females, out of a drawing. A male and female will then each represent a district. Taking those 24 people and having them fight each other to the death with only one victor. Additionally they glamorize the process by televising it for everyone to watch. The movie follows a girl named Katniss Everdeen, she is a 16 year old from district 12 who has a strong and fearless personality. Her younger sister was chosen in the drawing, and as a result Katniss courageously volunteers herself in replacement of her sister. The Hunger Games is a direct symbol of our culture today, minus the acceptance of killing on national television for entertainment and control. For example, there is a reality show called survivor, 16 people are chosen to be put on an island for 39 days and the goal is to “survive” through the challenges. The Internet Movie Database says that Survivor is, “A reality show where a group of contestants are stranded …show more content…

She is Katniss Everdeens first hurdle. This makes Effie Trinket one of the shadow figures we encounter in the movie. As Linda Seger explains the shadow character archetype she puts it in simple terms. Linda Seger says that a shadow character is a “character who is opposite of the hero” (Seger 340). Effie Trinket in almost all ways is opposite from the hero character Katniss Everdeen which is one of the characteristics of a shadow figure. For example everything Effie Trinket wears is bright and fabulous in comparison to Katniss Everdeen. Effie Trinket is well mannered, conservative and naive and Katniss is abrupt, blunt and Effie Trinket is constantly trying to save face in comparison to Katniss

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