Examples Of Arete In Antigone

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Essay Final: Prompt 1 The Greek concept Arete describes a heroic-like excellence, virtue and goodness. When observing a tragic hero, this element is what gives relevance to the character while highlighting their flaws. Creon?s
Arete was his power over Thebes and its citizens in addition to his will to do what was best for them. In
Creon?s introduction speech his goodness is shown, ?I would not stay silent if I saw disaster moving here against the citizens.? He shows his intentions to the citizens which created a unity giving him power over them.When Antigone approaches Ismene about burying their brother, Ismene replies, ?Think how we?ll die far worse than all the rest, if we defy the law and move against the King?s decree.? …show more content…

Another Greek concept that relates to Creon?s character in Antigone is hubris. When one is given power, through arete in the example of Creon, they tend to lose contact with reality. Hubris is almost always defined by a pride that leads to the character?s downfall. Creon shows hubris when he refuses to take advice from his son because Haemon is younger and the city was Creon?s alone to run, ?Am I to rule this land at someone else?s whim or by myself.? In addition to this, Creon?s pride is evident when the prophet Teiresias tried to warn Creon that he made a mistake with his punishment of Antigone but was ridiculed and turned away, ?The tribe of prophets- all of them- are fond of money.? I believe he does this due to him having already made the declaration of Antigone?s punishment and his pride gets in the way of him correcting his mistakes. Along with arete and hubris, Creon shows the Greek concept ate. Ate is a character?s recklessness in making rash decisions that later are regretted due to the consequences those actions lead to. Creon makes many rash choices, the most prominent being the decision to ban Polyneices? burial. This

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