Examples Of Bad Parenting In The Outsiders

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In the book “The Outsiders” two of our main character’s died because of bad parenting. There are a lot of examples of bad parenting in “The Outsiders”. If parents would have either listen or not abused their child some of our characters might still be alive. However, bad parenting can also an absence of limits on children , like one of the character in the novel Bob.
In the novel Bob’s parents can be responsible for Johnnies and Dally’s death because Bob’s parents were always blaming their self for his actions , and t they are right it is their fault the way Bob came out to be. In the novel it also explains why Bob was doing all those things. Randy even said “ If his old man had just belted him- just once, he might have still be alive. …show more content…

Johnny and Dally would have never died if Johnny's parents weren’t so bad. As said in the novel Johnny has been abused by his father and his mother just doesn't care .Because of all this johnny stayed in the parking lot that night because he would usually stay their because of all the problems at home . If Johnny would have never stayed in that parking lot that night Ponyboy would have have never met Johnny and got in the big fight with the soc’s and Bob wouldn't have gotten killed , and Johnny would have never gotten killed in the fire when he ran away to the church which burnt him and killed him , and Dally would have never gotten upset because Johnny died. This lead to Dally robbing a store and bluffing to the police that he had a

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