Examples Of Chivalry In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a story that portrays acts of courtly love and chivalry. This Medieval Romance was written in the late fourteenth century in Middle English and written in stanzas of alliteration. These stories often included adventurous knights, idealized love, exotic settings, hidden identities, and supernatural events. The idealized love came from the code of chivalry and the concept of courtly love. Chivalry was a very important code to live by during this time period, the knights of the castle had to respect the lord of the castle. In a courtly love relationship the knight is required to love and respect the lady just as he loves and respects the lord The Lady is in complete control of the love relationship, while he owes her obedience. In the story, Sir Gawain was very cautious because he wanted to please both the lady and the lord. In order to please one more than the other then he would have to disappoint one of them. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the relationship between Lady of the Castle and Sir Gawain is a prime example of chivalry and courtly love. …show more content…

The Green Knight decides to test Sir Gawain because he wanted to see if he really had respect, honor, valor, and loyalty to his lord and/or king. The lord of the castle tested the chivalrous values of Sir Gawain throughout the story, using a game that he created. The game involved the Lord hunting and Sir Gawain remaining at the castle for three days, each night the two had exchange their winnings of the day without having to say where or how they got the prize. The Green knight presents Sir Gawain with the game with the circumstance of his wife, acting as the host, which supplied Gawain’s winnings. The game in the story acts as a concept for the overall theme of

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