Examples Of Compassion In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Do you believe that compassion is the way to create light and warmth in the darkness?. Well Elie Wiesel did, and I agree with him. During the Holocaust, many things happened. Babies, kids, adults, all getting killed without any compassion. Thousands of people dying all praying and wishing for just a little compassion.
Elie Wiesel believed that compassion can be the way to create light and warmth in the darkness. He was trapped in a place where they definitely didn’t have compassion, so he knows how it feels. He saw all the this person getting killed and feels compassion for them. He must have wanted people to feel compassion for him. Compassion is to love and care which is something he didn’t have. Compassion is something that the people of the holocaust needed.
Let 's take the holocaust as an example from history that have made an impact on Myself and everyone else. The holocaust is a really sad event that really gets to me. I try putting My family and I in a situation like that but I can’t. I can’t see myself like that and I don’t think that anyone can. You had to be part of it to understand what it really must have felt …show more content…

A few days ago, my mom and I went to McDonalds. While we were walking with my mom and I saw an old man sitting next to the door. He looks really hungry and I felt bad for him, but there was not much I could do about. Inside my mom got us some ice coffee and a few other things. After we were done, my mom goes to and gets something else. I don’t ask her why. While walking out my mom stops gives the bag of McDonalds to the old starving man at the door. I felt so proud of her. After seeing the things that happened during the holocaust, i think to myself “how could people be so ignorant” . I thought does people didn’t even know what compassion was, but then I though “maybe they did feel it but were too afraid to show it, they were afraid to stand up. In conclusion the holocaust is a really big moment in history that shows us the need of

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