Examples Of Fate In Romeo And Juliet

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Are Romeo’s and Juliet 's death is because of their free will or of their fate? Romeo and Juliet by the famous William Shakespeare is a tragic and romantic play that teaches us about how the characters interact to one another knowing that they can 't be together. Romeo is a high social class from the Montagues family and her lovely Juliet is from the Capulet family. Since there is a hate between these families, they live in two different cities making their love much more difficult. As Romeo and Juliet meet at the beginning of the play both characters had never felt the love they felt as of that moment. As their love increases they go through a few obstacles in their story but they were willing to make the impossible for them to be together. Sadly there was a point where Juliet “dies” and so Romeo suicides to be with her. After being killed, Juliet wakes up and then finds his love dead minutes before she commits suicide for real. This story finishes in a bad way but made them be finally together forever at some point. Their story ends up both main characters dead in a tomb. Both Romeo and Juliet’s death are due to the free will they had as they first met but sooner there love became too special as it would became fate that was the cause of their losses.
Therefore Romeo gets to meet the real love of his life, he never mind on having the consequences he deserved to have. The night before entering the party Romeo instantly had a bad feeling as his free will gets in his way and

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