Examples Of Greed In Dante's Inferno

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Dante’s inferno is a comedy where the main characters are Dante and Virgil. Dante is a pro-famous writer and also a poet. We see Virgil as Dante’s idol and also a Roman Poet. In accordance to the comedy, Dante wanders as he goes off the right and straight path related to the moral truth and then he ends up getting lost in the dark. When he is about to get attacked by three beasts, Virgil rescues him. Virgil claim to have been sent from heaven by the head honchos in Heaven by the name Virgin Mary and also the Santa Lucia. They felt sorry for Dante an asked Dante’s deceased love; Beatrice to send him a helper. Virgil was sent to rescue him but also he decided to take him through his expedition through hell, (Dante) Through his expedition to hell, we derive various forms of human sins and how they get …show more content…

It can be said to be a sin of excess just like lust and gluttony. In the church’s perception greed can be explained as the humongous desire and obsession over material possession. Greed causes human beings to scavenge and hold material goods, steal by either violence, tricking others, or even manipulation in reference to authority. Greed also creates the temptation of human beings purchasing or even selling sacraments and Holy Orders; which is referred to as simony. Also other human beings attempt to buy positions of leadership within the Church hierarchy, (Dante). Ira; wrath or rage can be defined as the irresistible feelings that bear anger and hatred. Anger, in its purest structure, presents with ruinous toward oneself tendency, savagery, and loathe that may incite fights that can continue for quite a long time. Fury may endure long after the individual who did an alternate a shocking wrong is dead. Sentiments of indignation can show in distinctive ways, including anxiousness, retribution, and self-ruinous conduct, for example, medication ill-use or suicide, (Dante). Anger is the main sin not

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