Examples Of Intersexed Conditions

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If I had an intersexed condition I feel that my life would be very different than what it is now. One of the most basic ways to define a person is by categorizing them into male or female. To not fit into either would make me feel like there was something wrong with me. Also, many intersexed conditions also come with a huge array of defects. For example, Turner’s syndrome is characterized by a short stature, webbed neck, and droopy eye (Turner Syndrome Society of the United States.). Even though everyone claims that they want to be “different”, no one wants to be abnormal. This is especially true for high school aged kids. High school is hard enough between having to deal with changing in locker rooms, finding a significant other, finding friends, and bullies. …show more content…

Even the learning aspect of high school can be antagonizing to an intersexed individual. Many of the state exams ask basic questions such as name, hometown, and gender. Not knowing which gender to put would be such an identity crisis. Similarly, the same problem would arise from just trying to decide if you should use the men’s or women’s bathroom. Again, knowing that you were perfectly fit to one or the other would be alienating. I would hope that if I was intersexed that I would feel that I fit better to either male or female. Then you could more easily identify with everyday issues such as which bathroom to use, which group to hang out with, and what clothes to wear. Even then, I think I would still feel that I was only pretending that I was

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