Examples Of Letters From Ww1 Trenches

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Dear Emma, It has been a long time since I have written you a letter, but now I have a lot to tell you. Hope you are fine! I am writing this to you tell about the great battle won by Canadians in the morning at 5:30 am. We have just come out of the trenches after five long days and we lived in these long, narrow channel that were dug into the grounds for Canadian soldiers to live all day and night. Life in trenches was bit difficult. Trenches weren’t dug in a straight line, instead they were dug in zig zag pattern. At bottom of the trenches were duckboards and those were meant to protect us from the water in the trenches. The duckboard were useful for us. Constructing trenches were painful and were made with our hands. …show more content…

I usually didn’t get much sleep. We woke up at different times to either complete chores or to fight. Some of the soldiers slept on the hard, cold floor of the trenches. I and other men use the trench coats as blankets, for warmth during cold winter nights. I had to share my quarters with a lot of other soldiers. The noise and the uncomfortable surroundings made it hard to sleep in the trenches. Sometimes soldiers slept while standing to avoid the mud getting on them. Trenches smelled really awful because the smell at the front line was so bad that the many of the men got sick. The smell of the exploded bombs and the odor, which lingers after the attack was terrible. There were bodies rotting everywhere. The smell of the trenches was dreadful because men who had not been afforded the price of a bath for a long time would be sweating badly. I know this might sound shocking, but I am …show more content…

These pets were all around u. Rats, were a problem and ate soldier’s food. Rats would come out and scurry all over the soldiers. Lice was another huge problem that would never stop. Lice would live in our clothes and were unable to remove. Lice could infect a lot of us, they would cause the men to start itching. Luckily I don’t have any infections and I hope I don’t get infections later on too. Frogs would live in numerous holes and they could be found everywhere in the trenches. The weather was contributed to harsh conditions. The rain caused the trenched to flood and get muddy. The mud could block Eggs and Emma gee and make it hard to move during the battle. There are many diseases like Trench foot and Trench fever. Trench foot was an infection of the feet caused by cold, wet and insanitary conditions. We were not able to remove our socks and boots in the mud. Some soldiers lost their fingers, toes or even died due to the exposure to cold. Trench fever was a particularly painful disease.
Each of us had to carry heavy backpack weighing thirty six kilograms. The backpack had a gas mask in order to be protected from gas attacks from the enemy. There were some grenades with us to protect ourselves. There were some protective clothes which were suitable for trenches. There were some other equipment’s like a knife, fork, shaving kit, water bottle, soap and towel and also shovel which help us keep the trench the way it is and it

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