Examples Of Lies In The Great Gatsby

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Lies…. The biggest weapon a person can have. People can warp reality and change the way you see things. The truth might be the noblest of traits, but I do not mean truth you’ve twisted, I mean honest truth. One of my favorite stories was about the expensive price you pay for the truth. It is hard to be completely honest, so all you can do is try. In The Great Gatsby, the characters you are introduced to care very little for the truth, only aware of the lies they spread and how it reflects on their pristine image. The rich prey on those they feel superior to, and with their corruption, they go through life like waves of self-centeredness. Gatsby got the short end of the stick and when it was all said and done he failed to attain his happily …show more content…

She was Gatsby’s everything, and she threw him away like a piece of old gum. Some might say she deserved her sad life- cheated on and hurt by Tom. Daisy will never be happy or fulfilled, always stuck in an unhappy marriage, as a dramatic housewife, and showing no care or concern for her young child. Her former lover Gatsby, comes to town bringing with him the promise of better life. Gatsby shows Daisy the vibrant and loving lifestyle they could have together, vastly different from the drab existence of her life with Tom. Gatsby tried to be honest with her and give her a happier life. All she had to do was leave Tom and she could be happy, but she chose to betray Gatsby. She lied to him the whole time with false promises and goes as far as telling Tom she doesn’t love him and that she was leaving him for Gatsby, but when push came to shove she couldn’t. She left with her brutish husband and beautiful, fool of a daughter. Together with Tom, she left her responsibilities and problems behind, she didn’t have the decency to attend the funeral of the man she doomed to death. Being a ghastly and self-serving person she left everyone and didn’t look back. All these decisions doomed her to a miserable …show more content…

Scott Fitzgerald’s book, The Great Gatsby, for the roaring twenties and their dark side were not as polished as you’d think. From the twist and turns of forbidden love and the lust of the rich and bored, it was a marvel. The Great Gatsby has earned its right to be a classic. While some criticize the characters I feel in the end it is justified. Myrtle the ludicrous gold digger is gone, Daisy the liar and destroyer will live out her days sad and lonely and Tom the manipulator will never be able to have the control he once did over Daisy and can’t trust her around other men.The only one who was really slighted was the Great Gatsby, he deserved much better than his untimely death. If Daisy had been honest the whole story would’ve been vastly different. Gatsby would be alive and would’ve had to move on from her, Myrtle and George would not be dead, and the only hurt done would be what Tom and Daisy do to each other. Lies change things and in this story, it changed lives, it killed people and hurt others leaving destruction and corruption in its

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