Examples Of Montage In Rear Window

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How Much Emotion Can One Dog Cause? Walking through the front door, peering out the rear window, we see Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly take on great roles in Rear Window. The scene of choice that I will be explaining the montage over, is the scene where the dog has had its neck snapped. Up until this point, Lars Thorwald has seemed suspicious to L.B. Jefferies and Lisa, and is believed to have snapped this lady’s dogs neck for digging in his flower garden. In this scene we see multiple people turn on their lights and run out on their balconies to see what a certain scream was about. The connection of shots in this scene portrays Hitchcock’s use of montage very well because of the sound, shots, point of view, and emotions that he creates. Hitchcock uses his images with excellent taste, especially in Rear Window, and this scene.
First off, the sound that is in this scene is very interesting to me. There is music that plays the whole time while Jeff and Lisa are conversing and it is very soothing and relaxing. When the lady who owns the dog sees that her dog has been murdered, the music stops, shifts to a different song, and somewhat becomes faster paced. This fits in well with the cuts that are being taken at this time because everyone is moving frantically trying to figure out why …show more content…

Overall I thought it had a purposeful order and rhythm to it and matched the plot line very well. Every line was thought out and presented in a neat and fashionable way to pull every viewer deeper into the film and see more than just dialogue between two people. I really observed how this scene drew L.B. Jefferies into caring more for Lisa and growing closer to her. This scene showed the bonding between two people over something pulled them closer together. I was very happy that this scene was put in when it was, because it pushed me to really study it over and watch closely the rest of the way through the

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