Examples Of Morally Responsible For Gatsby's Death

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Who Killed Jay Gatsby? Sounds like a simple enough question, who was holding the gun? However, it is not that simple. The story leading up to and after the death of Gatsby muddles the answer, making it extremely complicated. While Wilson may be legally responsible, others are morally responsible. In the Novel, The Great Gatsby, Tom, Myrtle, and Nick are morally responsible for Gatsby's death. All three characters are perfect examples of a man's life and death, and how there is more to a story than what might reach the surface. Some more than others, but all are responsible nonetheless. Tom Buchanan is one of, if not the most, responsible for Gatsby’s death. Not only does he cheat on Daisy with Wilson's wife, but he also leads Wilson to Gatsby. He does all of this because he feels as if his control over life is slipping, “Tom was feeling hot whips of panic. His wife and his mistress… were …show more content…

Myrtle was actively cheating on Wilson, and she must have known how immoral it was to do so. Not only was she cheating on hi8m, but she didn't want to be with him anymore. Myrtle handled the situation so horribly, it drove Wilson to insanity. He locked her up, threatening to take her away, “she's going whether she wants to or not, I’m going to get her away.” (123). Myrtle wasn’t Loyal or willing to handle the situation like an adult. In Wilson's eyes, he had to get her away. One of the main events causing Gatsby’s death was Myrtle's death. If she hadn’t been so adamant about running from Wilson as fast as she could, she wouldn't have been hit by Daisy. This singular event put it all in motion, causing Wilson to be blinded by hatred and disdain for whoever was cheating with his wife; that was all he could think of. “Before he could move from his door the business was over” (137) Myrtle was dead, what else did he have to live for other than revenge. Wilson was driven to insanity and Myrtle was one of the leading

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