Alwynn Ross Observation Essay

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Tests and Observations

His speech, language, and play skills were assessed through observation of his interaction with his mother, and through informal assessment through play, singing of action songs, imitation, and picture naming tasks.

His behavior was observed through the session. He exhibited poor to fair overall working behavior during play tasks and semi-structured tasks, and as observed with his interaction with his mother.

During the evaluation, he did not exhibit any stranger and separation anxiety because he readily went with the clinician although, poor compliance was observed, as he does not readily follow simple, known instructions given by his mother and the therapist. Poor attention span was observed as he was only able to attend and sustain his attention for approximately 30 seconds during child-directed activities (e.g. play) and 10 seconds during …show more content…

Moreover, his vocal parameters and his hearing skills were also functional for communication.
Summary and Impression
This is the case of Alwynn Ross, a 3 years and 6 months old male, diagnosed with speech and language delay.

Based from the results of the evaluation, he exhibited delays in all the speech and language domains. The most pressing problems are related to his play. He is already 3 and a half years old, yet his play skills are like that of a 1 year old. It is through playing that a child acquires most of the speech and language skills. The delays in his play affected his precursory skills, which has a direct correlation in his acquisition of vocabulary, ability to follow commands, and in turn speak words. Limitations in his language affected his speech skills, since when playing he doesn’t really include another person or doll, he had limited opportunities to complete his phonetic inventory or the sounds that he is able to

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