Justin's Speech And Language Acquisition Case Study

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ake predictions on what could be limiting Justin’s speech and language acquisition. - Justin 's speech could be limited due to being tongue tied, not getting enough opportunities to communicate outside of school because the family does not engage due to his lack of talking, and major illnesses such as Autism, Down Syndrome, and ADHD, it could have something to do with the way his brain developed during the prenatal periods or it could be that his family is not an English speaking family making Justin have difficulty with speech.

When should Mrs. Tate observe Justin and how should she document her observations? -Mrs.Tate should observe Justin during the cognitive and language periods as well as when he is playing with his peers.
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How should Justin’s parents/family be included in this process? -Mrs.Tate should keep the family/parents included in the process by discussing everything she observes about Justin 's speech impediment with them. She should also inform them on her findings during her observations so nothing will come as a surprise to them later. One last way Mrs.Tate can keep them included is by discussing the entrance of a psychologist into Justin 's life with them before hand.

What suggestions would you make to Justin’s parents/family to help improve his language and speech skills? -I would suggest to Justin 's parents/family that they encourage communication every chance they get. I would inform them that anytime Justin does mispronounce words, they should try to have him look at their mouths while they show him the shape his mouth should make when pronouncing those words. One last thing I would suggest to Justin 's parents/family would be to rely heavily on phonics and introduce them into Justin 's everyday
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