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Speech, language and communication can be supported through play and activities in a number of different ways, children/young people need the opportunity to express themselves using language. It is important to help them develop language skills and to help them use language effectively. It is essential to listen to what is being said and respond appropriately. It is important to be aware of any additional needs, and if English is a second language. You need to consider using a language they can understand. Talk about familiar topics. Engaging them as much as you can. Share books, rhymes and stories. Other play activities could include, role play and dressing up. The use of dolls, puppets and cuddly toys. Using books to increase vocabulary. …show more content…

Many transitions experienced are part of growing up and also come with certain challenges. However these transitions are not always done alone, they may be supported by peers/adults. The majority of children go through transitions easily with the support of others. If children are unable to cope with transitions they may show different types of emotions/behaviour, this may include the following- A child may behave differently to what they usually would. Sometimes children will want to tell you things before their parent does. At times a child will regress and may need help with tasks that they have been able to do quite easily in the past. A child may express their concerns through stories/drawings. Question: Question

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