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Virtual Child My child’s name is Carter Pirnuta. He was born at full-tem with no complications. He typically sleeps 15 hours a day with increments of around 2 hours at a time. Carter is able to digest new foods well, so the doctor recommends that he eat a variety of foods. Carter has typical emotional reactions of his age, such as fear of total strangers, separation anxiety and a quick, loud cry when upset or in pain. His motor skills are typical for his age that includes: crawling, sitting up, and standing up, but not walking yet. Because of his high energy, he tends to be more restless, especially when it’s bedtime. We were able to afford placing him in a preschool program, which we thought …show more content…

This is a big step for him and he feels like a big boy. During his first days, he makes a few friends, but is reluctant to join in new activities with unfamiliar children. We believe that was normal, especially during the beginning. We encouraged him to engage in different activities with new children since it would be fun. He takes our advice and was excited about his new friends. As far as his academic performance during kindergarten, reading and vocabulary test was average, but showed advanced ability to count, use numbers, understand quantitative relationships and classify objects. He had a real knack for the art projects the teachers had the students do, and really got interested in the pre-math activities involving working with blocks and geometric …show more content…

He was active, but preferred to stay inside and take advantage of the video game system. He also explored the freedom of speech act and wanted to know why things are the way they are, just like many adolescents in America. Genetic traits that could influence a child would be the color of the skin, and more prone to different diseases. Depending where the child grows up, the skin color can have an impact how they get treated. Many diseases are passed on through genetics. Parkinson’s is one that can affect the physical and mental ability of a child growing

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