Examples Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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The epic poem by Homer. There is a character named Odysseus; He has been away from his land for 20 years after the battle of troy. Wondering in places looking for a way to get back with his wife and kid. Odysseus has been through a lot on finding a way home. He has done things that may be considered non heroic but for me he is heroic for being brave,courageous, and intelligent.
Odysseus is considered a hero because of his bravery. An example is when he tricked the Cyclops by telling him his name was nobody and then hiding his men as sheep so that Polyphemus would let them out of his cave. Another example is how he kept his men together by earning their loyalty even when Scylla and circe tried to hurt them. Lasty he is brave when he tricks the suitors by stringing his bow. He has given himself the weapon to defeat the suitors and taken them by surprise. …show more content…

An example of him being courageous is when his men and him were passing by the Siren Island. The only way to get to ithaca was to pass through Scylla which ate men and the other was Charybdis which looked like a whirlpool, and wasn't scared of passing through them. Another example of when odysseus showed his courage was when he came faced the suitors in ithaca. Lastly he was very courageous when he finally made it to ithaca, because everyone thought he was dead and he had to tell his kid and wife why he was gone for 20 years.
Lastly Odysseus is not only courageous but intelligent. He is intelligent because when they had to go through Sirens Island he told his men to put wax on their ears so they don't hear the sirens. Another example of odysseus being intelligent is when he was on Calypso’s island he didn't tell her how much he missed his wife to not get her jealous which could stop her from helping him. another example of Odysseus being smart is when he got polyphemus drunk with wine and poked his eye to get out of the

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