Examples Of Optimism In Fahrenheit 451

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Guy Montag, a fireman, had his world turned upside down when he met his eccentric new neighbor. She opened his eyes for the first time and made him realize what he and the rest of the world had been missing. Within a few days, he already had to make rash decisions that effected his entire life. Even though Ray Bradbury wrote a science fiction novel about a future in which people destroy themselves, the little seeds of hope and confidence he plants throughout Fahrenheit 451 by introducing the clear-minded Clarisse and her family, letting Montag realize the errors in his world, and giving him a new life in a small society of other reformers let his optimism shine through. Ray Bradbury, revealing some optimism, wrote about some quirky characters, by the future society's standards. Clarisse McClellan and her family would rather observe the world than the television. They are the only ones Montag has met who ever strayed from the path. Instead of having their eyes glued to technology, the McClellan family would talk for hours after dark while everyone else slept quietly. That family was the first ray of light for Montag. The fact that they did what they felt was right rather than what was expected gave him hope, even if he didn't realize it. If Ray Bradbury didn't write …show more content…

The news today is filled with people destroying themselves and others, similar to the novel. It would be so easy to give into the darkness and give up on the hope for a safer place, but optimism keeps the world spinning. Much like how Montag realized how crooked society was and tried to make changes, people in the real world are trying to fix broken parts that others are making. The faith some people have inspire those around them, and the sense of purpose they had previously lacked is now an optimism they can't

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