Examples Of Racism In Of Mice And Men

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Racism of the Time As demonstrated in the story Of Mice And Men, racism is a factor that was shown to give the reader insight on what place black people had in the time period; the victim of all racism in the story was Crooks. The first sight of racism in the story is the mistreatment of Crooks, for the color of his skin he is discriminated and segregated from the other men. As Lennie wanted to enter Crooks' quarters, Crooks exclaims, “I ain't wanted in the bunkhouse, and you ain't wanted in my room”(Steinbeck 68). In the actions of being isolated for so long, Crooks is just protecting his rights that he was given. Helplessly wanting to make friends, Lennie is nice to Crooks, this is not a common thing Crooks has experienced, having someone

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