Examples Of Reverend Hale's Letter To The Crucible

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Governor's Letter
In Salem, the village was panicking. Suspicions rose from everywhere. I, Reverend Hale was sent for, for the help. I believed I could of washed away the wrong from this community. For the trials I stood, until new information was brought to my attention by Mr. Proctor. He stated that him and Abigail had relations, everything changed after and became questionable. Were the girls frauds? Was John telling the truth? Was Abigail? I was coming into the village beginning the trials, received the information from Proctor and in the end tried to save him from what he was to face just to confess. I counteracted upon and determined how I felt towards the trials, and how willing was I to end them all. Ultimately in eyes of the court and others, it was not enough.
"...But this child claims the girls are not truthful and if they are not– ". I, Reverend John Hale was reached out to because Salem was facing signs of witchcraft. Reverend parris daughter was caught dancing in the woods, got startled and she fainted. The impression on the town was that satan or evil had come. Therefore is why I was sent for to guide those and cleanse the town of all bad. When …show more content…

It was almost as if they were all being led by Abigail, which was strange. Then the worst happened, Mr. Proctor got accused he became known as a witch. I quit and left because I did not believe what occurred, the court was corrupt. Soon after John was arrested and was to be hanged. The Salem witch trials were no longer what I came for, they continued all for the pride of everyone so no one would be viewed as wrong or to feel guilt. I returned to speak with Elizabeth so she could get John, her husband confess and not be hanged. He agreed, and confessed until he was asked for his name. John instead chose to be hanged because in his eyes it was the truth. In honesty that was where I

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