Examples Of Social Commentary Fahrenheit 451

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Social Commentary is seen throughout Fahrenheit 451 and one way is when the author takes the events that are happening in the world with drugs. Although the book was published in 1953, most of the social commentary seen in Fahrenheit 451 can still be applied to the past few years. In 1947, more research on drug abuse was developed. The next few years contained research organizations developments and more money being put into the growing issue. Many drug problems were seen from sailors after the wars as well. Research on painkillers was also developed directly after the war. Fahrenheit 451 was written soon after WWII while drugs were becoming a bigger thing. Ray Bradbury incorporated this into his book by adding a character who overdosed on sleeping pills. The author predicted that drug abuse would get so out of hand that he added technicians to his book. The technicians had no medical experience and acted as if …show more content…

Race and gender were the main fight in 1953 when Fahrenheit 451 was written. This is portrayed in the book by everyone being brainwashed to the point where intelligence is equal by the lack of history, books, and the amount of technology. There’s a character in the book who acts superior and believes that all equality issues have been and will be solved by getting rid of them all together, or in his words, burning it. The technology that takes over the characters lives, is incorporated into daily life so much that people don't know how to socialize. They have fake families that are seen on the telescreens instead of visiting their actual family. In today's society, technology has taken over. Texting is believed to have been destroying social skills and a majority of people are constantly on social media broadcasting their lives. Ray Bradbury presents technology as only being something that eliminates personality but many improvements have also been made in the world

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