What Is Your Greatest Strength Culturally Speaking?

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Question 1: What is your greatest strength culturally speaking? Explain.

It is the inherent cultural roots of any country that hold it strong in the face of challenges. Dubai has its roots in the Islam religion and Arabic emirates. In Dubai rests the diversity and cosmopolitan spirit of every metro city. Although the prominent religion is Islam and the culture is dominantly influenced by it thousands of the immigrants have moved in since the rise of Dubai as an international city. The hospitality and courtesy of the people is embedded in the values of Arabs and has helped develop the diversity in its culture promoting a degree of warmth in the local people.
We are even conservative to some aspect when it comes to respecting our local culture. This maintains decorum and inculcates respect in all sections of our society. Strengthening bondage with our local culture keeps us attached to our roots and therefore provides a unified strength to the country. This in turn enhances our economy due to which it now has become home to large sections of traders and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Question 2: What is your greatest weakness culturally speaking? Explain
Though we are culturally very strong but our main setback point lies in the fact that women are not given due opportunities in the society. It is generally said that it is the woman which makes the man. But when compared with the standards of the modern world the culture seems to be relatively biased

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