Examples Of Intercultural Competence

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Despite the fact that intercultural competence has different terminology when referring to disciple or approach, it can also relate to the debate about global citizenship. Intercultural competence is seen as the capability to develop an objective knowledge, attitude, and skills that prompt visible behavior and communication that are both successful and appropriate in intercultural interaction. In other words, intercultural competence is a range of different skills; cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills that lead to communicate effectively and suitable with different surrounding and culture. Intercultural competence can also be broken down into three constituent elements seen as knowledge, skills, and attitude. (Deardorff, 2006) With that being said, knowledge is my substantial weakness while skills and attitude are my strengths regarding intercultural competence. Being able to effectively engage with others from different backgrounds and communities relates to skills and attitude that allows me to interact and work with people from different culture. For me, being able to listen, observe, analyze, interpret, respect and think beyond average alleviates me to engage with others from different cultures adequately. But my weakness does with the aspect of cultural self- awareness, sociolinguistic awareness and grasp of global issues and trends. For example, working on group project illustrate one ability to be able to communicate and accommodate beliefs from other

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