Examples Of Susan Is Like A Disability

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When I see one of the main characters, Susan Smith, I think of the simile “Susan is like a wheelchair because she helps Ada to be able to do things even though she has many disadvantages,” because even though Ada has many disadvantages of doing many stuff, Susan always finds a solution to make Ada to be possible to do many things like a wheelchair which makes disabled people to be able to move around. Ada is a girl with clubfoot, a foot that is twisted out of position since birth, meaning that it is impossible for her to be able to move around easily without surgery. If Ada had surgery, Susan wouldn't be like a wheelchair because Ada can do many things herself without needing help from Susan, but Ada didn’t have surgery because of her mom. …show more content…

One of the examples would be the part where Susan teaches how to read and write to Ada, which seems pretty impossible for Ada because first of all, she didn’t go to school or was ever even be educated before, and it is easier for younger children to learn because their brains are new but Ada is 9 years old and her brain is damaged by mental trauma, created by her mom. Ada didn’t only have disadvantages physically, but also mentally. No one would ever wish for their moms to be like Ada’s mom. However after meeting Susan, Ada’s mental health had been healed and was helped by Susan as well. One of the examples would be before when Susan swings her hand, Ada automatically ducks, because she misunderstands that Susan is about to slap or hit her because of Ada’s mom slapping and hitting her multiple times. However now, Ada doesn’t duck or dodge Susan’s hand when she swings her hand because Susan taught her about it, Susan didn’t only help Ada physically, but also

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