Examples Of Tragic Hero In Oedipus Rex

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Oedipus the protagonist from Sophocles ' Oedipus Rex undoubtedly meets at least five of the six points that Aristotle uses to define a tragic hero. Sophocles’ Oedipus mainly resembles a tragic hero because, while he was not perfect, he had integrity and claimed responsibility for his downfall despite it not being fully deserved, the truth brought out pain in his personal life but saved the kingdom from famine, but the only thing that makes it questionable if he was a tragic hero is that his story does leave some audience members in a state of depression. While Oedipus fell under the category of being a noble man. He was also the King of Thebes and sought to be a responsible king and wanted to protect his people from famine at "all cost" by getting to the bottom of Laius’s murder. He hastily sought to avenge the country and the god as well. People in the kingdom held their king Oedipus to a high regard for he was a man who sought out truth no matter what and was also known for solved the Sphinx riddle! He was viewed as a leader and admired for his grit and integrity. Unfortunately he was unable to remove the plague that was destroying the city so he decided that he would relentlessly work towards getting it removed by pursuing the person who was wanted for murdering Laius as he was told this was the only way that the famine could stop. This man hunt was public knowledge and sadly, Oedipus had no idea about what was to come his way. He aggressively placed a strict curse on
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