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In every piece of literature, there are multiple kinds of characters. In Greek literature, the tragic hero often makes an appearance. Sometimes, there is more than one. A tragic hero is one whose tragic flaw leads to the suffering of others and their downfall. In Antigone, a Greek tragedy written by Sophocles, there are two characters who could be considered tragic heroes. Creon, the King of Thebes, is the tragic hero because of his tragic flaw, hubris, his awareness in the end that it led to his downfall, and his fate that leaches a lesson to the audience.
Creon's tragic flaw is hubris, which means excessive pride or self-confidence.is pride causes him to completely disregard the laws of the gods, which claim that every person deserves a proper burial. Creon places his law above the gods' and refuses to let Polyneices be …show more content…

He begins to realize his makes and attempts to right his wrongdoings. He figures this all out after Teiresias says to him, "But Hephasitos failed me: instead of bright flame/ There was only the sputtering slime of the fat thigh flesh/ Melting" (5.19-21). Teiresias was trying to send a sacrfice to the gods, but fire refused to come. This was a sign that the gods were no longer listening to the prayer of the Thebans due to Creon's actions. Creon, after talking to Choragos, decides to fix his ways, so he buries Polyneices and goes to free Antigone. Unfortunately, he is too late. Antigone had committed suicide. Quick to follow her, Haimon does as well, "Haimon is dead; and the hand that killed him/ Is his own hand" (Exodus.22-23) . Creon's decisions caused the death of his son, and when Eurydice, the queen, found out, she promptly killed herself too, "The Queen is dead" (Exodus.110). This information was said by the Messenger. Upon realizing that this whole situation is his fault, Creon decides to kill himself. His hubris led to the death of people he loved, and he felt the

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