Examples Of Why Are We Too Divided In America Essay

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Ever since the start of time in America, the country has always been divided because of all the events that have happened. Those events affect everything that happens in America and they always change people. That’s why I believe that America is just too divided to unite for the common good of our society because of the past events that happened, it’s always been too divided, and not anyone in America wants to unite. We will now explore these six sources and discover why America’s too divided to unite. There are always events in America that are major and can change how things go in America. I believe that the events in the past have impacted America too much because it says in Why Is America so Divided Today?The author wrote about how U.S politicians are ignoring features of American American society. It may have been true that we have had our first black resident, but none of that matters because there is still a long way to go before something in America changes.(Source B) Ever since racism started in the past it has kept us there and it's affecting the current America and people aren’t changing to unite America. It’s …show more content…

Protests are a big part of the world because less people express themselves and share their opinions openly, but there are always downsides to it. In Here’s Why Americans Have Always Been Divided, the author writes,’ America has always been divided… today’s Black lives Matter protest.”(Source D) Protest always ave impacts when they happen in America and some protests divide America too much because of what their protesting. Like in the BLM protests it divided whites and Blacks because of the violence that happened from all protests that happened with it. Another one is Asian hate and that basically divides all of America up into its own groups. Too much happens and the more that does, the more we divide and the further we get from

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