Mr Pocket Character Analysis

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Favorite line 207:We are not free to follow our own devices, you and I-This quote is very relevant to our world today. People feel limited by the government, limited by society, and limited by adults. Dickens goes so far as to make a statement that Estella and Pip are just pawns in Miss Havisham’s game. Their lives aren’t about choices, they are about what they are supposed to do next. This seems like a pretty miserable way to live. Mature narrator: Pip reflects on his time at the house, stating that he was confident in his assessment of the room he was in, but mistaken in his assessment of his happiness. He comments that while he convinced himself that he could have been happy there forever, in reality, he knew he was unhappy. Character…show more content…
Estella had control over this moment and chose to let herself go. Why would she do this if she is so concerned about her image and maintaining her lifestyle? Dickens social commentary: Dickens criticizes the divide between personal life and private life through his depiction of Mr. Pocket. Mr. Pocket is a well respected lecturer on household management and childbearing in his public life, but his private life couldn’t disprove his knowledge on these topics any more. Character Development: Through Pip’s and Estella’s comparison of Mr. Jaggers, the reader learns many new things about…show more content…
Making it very clear to him that they are different and, therefore, won’t get along with each other. Being barred from relationships based on differences was the biggest source of frustration for Pip before he received his great expectations. Dickens uses Pip to display how wealth can change someone and make them forget what made them wealthy to begin with. It was Pip’s anger towards the system and determination to change others’ perception of him that got him where he is. Pip tries to ignore this part of his life and isn’t able to see the pain that the convict feels even though he had previously felt the same
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