Explain How Genetics Affect Me

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How Genetics Affect Me
Arlet Gutierrez
My genetics have affected me in many important ways. Showing a family pedigree, dominant vs recessive genes and non-heritable traits. A family pedigree is when you pretty much show all your family background or your ancestry from the start of everyone. The difference between dominant genes and recessive genes, the way one empowers the other and why some are shown and some are not. A non-heritable trait is when you do not inherit a trait from your biological parents, it is neither a phenotype or a genotype; more like you get the trait by your daily living conditions (ex: long hair, weight). Pedigrees are related to me because they can determine my family tree from the very beginning. You can see all of my family members, starting with my siblings and my aunts and uncles to my cousins kids, to my grandparents siblings. A pedigree is used for studying the population of several generation. Usually, in a pedigree the male is shown as a square and a female as a circle. To show the relationship between two people it's a line in between them, if there relationship are being siblings the line connects them from the top. …show more content…

For example, the dominant genes that I have are brown eyes, dark brown hair, my height, my skin color, oily skin and my acne. These are the dominant genes that I got from my mom and dad. The dominant genes are practically the genes that overpower the recessive genes from the other person or from recessive genes they had from there parents. Another example, the recessive genes that I have are my nose, lips, that's pretty much of what I can think of. Mostly the dominant genes that I have are from my dad's side of the

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