Personal Narrative: My Hair Journey

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Hair Journey
Something so simple as the hairs that grow on my head has had a significant impact on my life. No, this is not a story about my hair making me want to become a hairstylist; my hair had a different impact on me. An impact that allowed me to find my true self and realizing the things that make me different and special.
I grew up living in the town of Lansdale going to schools in the North Penn School District. In all of the schools that I went to, the students were predominantly white. Ever since elementary school, I realized I wasn’t like most of my peers. I knew I didn’t look like most of them, I knew the world was filled with all kinds of diversity. However, it seemed like my peers always felt the need to remind me of my difference …show more content…

More black women stopped using relaxers and reverting back to their natural hair. I didn’t have a relaxer at the time but the movement showed me the beauty in natural black hair. I started looking up youtube videos about natural hairstyles, products, and tutorials. Soon after, I knew almost everything to know about natural hair. I knew what type of hair I had and what were the best products to use. The only thing left was to actually do it to my own hair. I figured out the best thing to do was a “No Heat Challenge”. This meant staying away from straightening my hair for a few months. So after gaining enough courage and confiding in a good friend in 9th grade, I finally decided to do it. On Saturday, I went with my mom to get the products I 've already done my research on. Then that Sunday night, I began the process I washed my hair and twisted it for the next day. I showed up to school that Monday with my hair in its natural state as a fro. Of course I was nervous on how people would react but that was surpassed with my excitement of the beginning of my new hair journey. I got some of the old comments on my hair from my peers but I used that as a chance to educate. So when I was asked “how I got my hair like that?” I explained how, I even referred the videos I watched. I began to realize that I should never hide the things that make different and

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