How Did Jackie Robinson Try To Change

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Many people try to change how they are to fit in . In school kids try to act cool, making up stories about themselves. Even if they don't try to change, other still judge them for fitting in or not trying. This is a problem now and back in times when color people were not accepted as equals. With this in mind, a great example is Jackie Robinson for his struggle to integrate.
To start off Jackie Robinson came from a poor family and raised by his single mother He was the youngest out of five. In school he played several sports: track, baseball, basketball, and football. He went to the University of California where, “ ...he became the university's student to win varsity letters in four sports.” (Biography 1). However because of financial hardship he had to move . He moved to Honolulu where he played football for the Bears. Later on, “ During boot camp in 1944 in Fort Hood, Texas, Robinson was arrested and court-martialed after refusing to give up his seat and move to the back of a segregated bus when ordered to by the …show more content…

For instance, they recall, “Robinson, when he retired from baseball in 1957, sought to bring the same tactics to bear on increasing African-American employment opportunities.” (Goldstein 1). He wanted for African-Americans to have the same opportunities as whites. He repeatedly throughout his life shows this. For example, Nine days before his death he states, “I’d like to live to see a black manager.” (Goldstein 1). This reveals that even when he was dying he still struggle to fight against segregation. This was important during the time era because he open the gates to other black baseball players. He also open up other people's mind to see how the world should not continue to be segregated. This continues to be a huge impact today because he help start integration to be possible mainly in sports and then continue to spread. Without his help it would have taken even more year to become an integrated

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