Calvin Coolidge Beliefs

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Calvin Coolidge values and mine Glory does not always correspond to greatness. Often overlooked, “Silent Cal” (or Calvin Coolidge) had exhibited noble traits and followed hopeful policies, while still remaining modest and fulfilling his duties as a moral citizen. His actions in the presidency had reflected upon his core values which are a desire for: equality, persistence, and self-reliance--principles which I, myself, will strive for in the future. Coolidge had made a firm stand on the civil rights issues of African Americans, demanding equality for them. He genuinely believed that “all men were created equal,” and thus, through his actions, tried to ensure that the statement’s true. Unlike the previous presidents, Coolidge had denounced …show more content…

Despite the abundance of equality in America, prejudices still lurk beneath it. Growing up as a first-generation Asian, I encountered many obstacles socially. Though I wasn’t necessarily “bullied,” there still was an apparent barrier between me and the other kids. I simply didn’t fit in, and my appearance played a major role in it--I just didn’t look like the others. It took many years before this wall was finally torn down, and people overlooked the differences that I bore. However, not all other minorities are as fortunate as me to have overcome this obstacle. Plenty of minorities will suffer from similar or worse discrimination, and some never have a chance to tear the wall down that impedes them. This gives me a reason to push for change; I don’t want another human being to endure the same hardships (or worse), just because of a difference that they …show more content…

He believed that self-reliance was the ultimate goal for everyone because it meant freedom and contentment. This is evident in his laissez-faire policies, enacting minimal regulations in the economy. Furthermore, he urged an isolation from the rest of the world, so that the US could sustain itself, rather than become intertwined in a burdensome Europe. By forcing a need to become self-reliant, Coolidge brought a solution to America's problems, as self-reliance is a path towards happiness and prosperity. Most importantly, though, he brought to the people the “freedom” that America was founded on, the freedom that allowed the individual to flourish. To a degree, this philosophy of laissez-faire worked, as his time become known as “roaring 20s,” one of the most prominent eras in American

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