Explain The Achievements Of The Whitlam Government

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The Whitlam Government was made up of the members of the Australian Labor Party and ran in power from 1972 until its dismissal in 1975. The Whitlam Government was responsible for implementing Healthcare and Social Security and important changes to areas of Australia’s education, women, economy, defence, nationality, democracy and immigration. The Whitlam government only served for three years and was actually dismissed by Sir John Kerr; The Governor-General in 1974 appointed by Whitlam, this raises the questions what really where the successes and failures of the Whitlam Government? The introduction of Medibank has been noted as the primary achievement of the Whitlam Government. The change the Whitlam Government enacted in the area of healthcare was transformative. The introduction of a universal healthcare system – Medibank was one of the reforms that defined the Whitlam Government and its underlying philosophy. The guiding mission was to provide adequate healthcare to all citizens regardless of their financial means. Medibank stopped the unbalance of high-income earners paying less than low-income earners for the same health insurance coverage. …show more content…

It was in this field that some of the Whitlam Government's most iconic reforms were enacted, including the abolition of university fees, the granting of ‘state aid’ to independent schools, and the creation of the Schools Commission. Equality of access to education was the fundamental principle behind each of these measures. Whitlam went as far as abolishing university tuition fees, establishing Commonwealth funding responsibility for universities and provided ‘state aid’ to non-government

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