Discuss The Arguments About And Rationales For The Federal Role In Education

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1. How have arguments about - and rationales for - the federal role in funding educational institutions changed over time?
In the 1700s the government provided land for educational growth. The land could be used for building of a university, or the land could be sold to help provide funding for expansion. Three primary periods of growth and expansion of education exist: expansion westerly in the USA prior to the Civil War; the building of the train systems; and the land grants to universities.
In the late 1700s a constitutional amendment (10th) was passed: powers not addressed in the constitution would fall to the states or the people, since public education was not listed as a federal power. States, assumed the responsibility to oversee and regulate public education.
In the early 1800s 500,000 acres were given to eight states and eventually land was given to 19 states. The federal …show more content…

How have rationales been framed to support policy decisions and what are the political orientations of those rationales?
The area of segregation had been explored by the federal government and state control resulting in tensions within and between the governments. Segregation decisions often were made by the Supreme Court to ensure that schools in the country would move toward integration. The decisions first moved from improving society economics, to having an improving social environment, then to improving the rights of individuals. Federal courts have shaping individual rights for the ability to obtain higher education. The improvement of individual rights is supported by neoliberalists.
The Fordice decision in 1992 illustrated the importance of individual rights. The continued neoliberalism thinking is consistent with this decision. Although the overall goal was to desegregate schools that enrolled mostly white students, the Fordice decision also affected higher education and even led to the desegregation of primarily black colleges. This litigation is still

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