Bailey V. Jackson Case: The Bailey V. Patterson Case

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The Civil Rights Movement happened because the African American citizens finally stood and fought for their rights. The Civil Rights Movement took place in the 1960s when many cases were brought up to the Supreme Court that led to desegregating a place or even an action. One of the most important cases was the Bailey v. Patterson case. The case’s hearing, Bailey v. Patterson case, took place on February 26th, 1962 which gave the Civil Rights Movement a huge boost. ( Bailey v. Patterson case was between Samuel Bailey and a Mississippi general attorney. The case took place in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi. Bailey and his friends fought…show more content…
The Civil Rights Movement [1960s] made America into a better country today. The Bailey v. Patterson case contributes to the Civil Rights Movement and when the Civil Rights Movement contributes to America being a better country today. We conclude from the previous sentence that the case, Bailey v. Patterson, contributes to the good America we have today. The Bailey v. Patterson case has many reasons America is the America that exists today. One of the main reasons is that this case led to the desegregation of interstate and intrastate transportation that might have seemed absurd at the time, but not in the open minded American society we live in. In fact if a place would ever be racially segregated today, it would seem very unusual and out of place. Not only did some people in America become open minded, but also united. No one should ever judge or care if your black, white, brown, or yellow as long as your human you are like any other person. Fortunately, most Americans understand that as long as you contain the characteristic of humanity then your officially human. America has become partially unified and its people also became partially open
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