Provide A Supportive Speech Language And Communication Environment Essay

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The key factors that provide a supportive speech, language and communication environments are – The physical environment is very important when creating a safe and secure setting that can support each child’s or young person’s individual learning needs and development to the best of their ability. The physical environments factors can include: • Noise levels • Lighting • Space • Distractions • Clear routines • Relaxes atmosphere • Adapted room and resources • Familiarity • Visual support aids. The roles and responsibilities of staff is that we should all understand our own roles and others carrying them out to the best of our abilities within the setting. in my setting at Grove Primary School, we make sure we can provide children and young people with their own key worker and they will have set activities and resources where their key worker will work alongside the child or group of children. We also get the children to sit around a table for snack time as this then encourages the children or young people to speak with each other, we also put the children into groups to tidy away certain areas in the setting to improve their communication in working in a team. …show more content…

Training can also help us with ideas on different activities we can use, resources and the layout we use them. Miss Leah Baker UKOC1527 Assignment 12 We also have members of staff who have recently been on training in regards of how to communicate effectively with children or young people who have autism and

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