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Confident speak in English Langauge
Judy was eight years old. She is from China and she arrived to United states. Judy is the American name and the name is choose by her mother. Her father was graduate student. Judy was deeply impressed by how great her father communicate using the English Language. The way Judy was able to learn second language better than her parents and grandparents because Judy try herself to speak in English. When she trying to speak in English, she is learn how to speak in English. Within a few months, Judys express herself to speak in English with the others people and her family. For example, Judy trip herself to speak in English although it is always surrounded by people around him. Judy is one who not to afraid to make mistakes. She also put herself in an all …show more content…

Judy is the one who not easy ti give up while she learn a English Language. While she learn a English language she has face a many of problem. For example, sometimes kids would tease her for the funny the way she talk. This shown that Judy has a positive of attidude. Intially, for first time she has arrived in the united states Judy was not the person who spoke using English. This is maybe she is from China and she only able to speak with her neighbour using a mandarin language only. Judy only interact with familys and her neighbours using a mandarin language before she learn to speak with English Language. After seeing her father speak proficient in English Judy has the intention to try and express herself to communication in English Language as well her father. Judy feels the people around her are hard to understand language. This add her ethasiasm to learn English Language more deeply. Although, judy was often beaten by his friend, he did not give up on learning English. It's normal for us to see when others are being beaten by others they will give up on their

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