Explain Why The Book Gone Should Be Banned Essay

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Why do people ban books? Why is it considered a banned book? In the banned book Gone, students could be able to learn positive and outgoing lessons from the book if they weren't banned in many places. Teens should be allowed to read Gone because it teaches students to show confidence, it shows to be hard working, and it also shows independance.
First of all, Teens should be allowed to read the book Gone because it teaches to show confidence in everything that people do. ¨Janie sighs deeply and again walks towards the double doors with Cabel following.¨Okay.¨She pushes through and does an automatic cursory glance.¨ (Lisa McMann 52) This quote shows that Janie is actually trying to do this even though she doesn't want to she does it. Janie shows confidence because she did not want to go in the first place but she got over it and she actually went in the room not knowing what to expect. Even though she was doubtful at first she pushed through it and was able to be a confident and reliable person. …show more content…

¨You´re so used to playing the responsible one with your mother.., somebody tells you he's your father and boom, your instinct is to be responsible for him.¨ (Lisa McMann 80) This quote shows that Janie is always working way to hard to take care of her mother that is always sleeping and drinking and now she has a father that was never there and she thinks that it is her duty to take care of him. There is no one there for him like family so she automatically thinks that it is her responsibility so she works even harder to do these things. Even though Janie has a hard time fending for herself because of her condition she feels the need to take care of everyone around her even though the Captain told her to take care of herself before anyone else. She is working way to hard for someone in her

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