To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: The Banning Of Books In Schools

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Around the globe many books are banned from schools and libraries because of their content. Though many others disagree with the banning of books, because it takes away freedom of speech. Many books are banned and challenged because their content is considered inappropriate or offensive to the readers. But, others find that it goes against our First Amendment rights when they take away what someone else has written. Butler University also shows other reasons for why books are often times banned. Also, many are outraged that books like To Kill a Mockingbird is on the banned books list because they are time-honored books. Many people believe books should be banned because their content is deemed inappropriate for younger audiences or because …show more content…

The book was set in the 1930s in the book it says “ A Negro would not pass the Radley Place at night, he would cut across to the sidewalk opposite and whistle as he walked.”(Lee 9). The book was challenged for its racial issues faced in the book. The words used are now deemed unacceptable in modern society, but on the other hand the book is set in a time when this was acceptable. Additionally, Harper Lee also puts in her book “Of course I do. Don’t say nigger, Scout. That’s common.”(Lee 77). The word nigger is considered repugnant to people. Parents disapprove of their children reading the book because of its racial slurs even though this the language they used at the time. Furthermore,the book also says “ I’d walk every step of the way there an‘ every step back jist like I did before an’ furthermore we’d whip ‘em this time” (Lee78) . This sentence from the books mentions whipping the African Americans. This mentions violence and slurs that parents disapprove of, but the book shows a perspective on racism that many can learn from. This book is in a setting when racism was okay and it was an important part of history that parents and teachers are taking away from the

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