Explain Why The Cotton Gin Was Invented By Eli Whitney

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In the year of 1793, the creation behind the cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney. His invention revived the economy of the South. The cotton gin was useful because it allowed the slaves to clean more cotton faster and it cut down the amount of time it took to do so. This also helped save the slaves from having to pick out all the seeds one by one from the cotton balls. As stated by Maureen Romero, “The South became the cotton producing part of the country because Whitney’s cotton gin was able to successfully pull out the seeds from the cotton bolls.” Farmers were extremely grateful that Whitney invented the cotton gin because it allowed them to grow and plant even more cotton than before. Cotton gin made cotton so profitable that southern farmers abandoned other crops. By 1860, cotton had become the top cash crop in the South. Tobacco and indigo used to be the top cash crops in the South, but it changed …show more content…

From wrapping in a blanket with cotton used as a main fabric to wearing fashionable clothing made with cotton fibers, cotton has always played a key role in the textile industry, both in the past and present. Without it, The Ohio State University wouldn’t make as much profit because a large majority of the clothing sold comes from the production of cotton. Nike, the company that makes the jerseys, etc., wouldn’t thrive as much because cotton is a main material they use to make their official college apparel. What will the football team wear if cotton never existed? What will the most amazing fans in the nation wear to cheer on our Buckeyes? Cotton is not only essential to our lives, but to The Ohio State University as well. If Eli Whitney never thought of the cotton gin, it’s highly likely that our textile industry wouldn’t be as advanced, nor would it thrive like it did in the late 18th century to the 19th century when it became the main cash crop in the

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